Brian Howard has over 24 years of proven leadership and coaching experience. He has successfully coached hundreds of leaders toward accelerating their growth and accomplishing their goals. Brian is the Executive Director of Context Coaching Inc.

Brian specializes in coaching high potential people, organizational leaders, looking for someone to walk alongside them in order to help them achieve their goals.  Brian has extensive experience successfully coaching:

  • Leaders who want to accelerate their own personal growth and achieve goals
  • Leaders who are looking to work smarter rather than harder
  • Business owners looking to maximize productivity
  • People who are looking to balance life and work priorities
  • Organizations who are looking to develop the skills of high potential leaders

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Dr. Russell Moore – Author and President – Southern Baptist Ethics and Liberty Commission –

“Brian Howard is a wise, experienced, and effective coach. Brian is unusually gifted to perceive opportunities and identify challenges and to map out a strategy that fits the situation. His insight and expertise is a gift.”


Mike Penberthy – Former Los Angeles Laker and Current NBA Shooting Coach

Brian has the unique ability to walk alongside a person and help him get results. He has definitely made me more successful.



Dan Dumas – Senior Vice President – Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – Louisville, KY

“Brian has, with laser-like accuracy, been effective in coaching guys through various epics in their lives and ministries. It takes a seasoned sage to listen, gather the necessary big data and guide an individual to walking in wisdom. I commend Brian to you and would advise you to grab every minute, hour or weekend you can with him.”


Steve Timmis – CEO of Acts 29

“Brian Howard has a genuine commitment to people. I am very thankful for his involvement in my life. I heartily recommend him as a coach and mentor.”


Mike Cosper – Author, Founder of harbor Faith and Media. Louisville, KY

Most so-called leadership advice is garbage. Those that write it are far removed from the actual grind of leadership. That’s why I’m so thankful for Brian Howard. Whether he’s writing about fatherhood and family, principles of management, or leading and casting vision, it all comes from real-life experience. He is a leader of leaders, and you will be blessed by his counsel and encouragement.


Dr. Robert Cheong – Author and Pastor – Sojourn Community Church – Louisville, KY

Brian is a leader who loves helping others. His practical leadership wisdom is invaluable for any church or institution. What I love about Brian is his integrity–a man who practices what he preaches in the both the workplace and home. I benefited greatly in my time with Brian and wholeheartedly commend him to you.


Rachelle Starr – Louisville, KY – Founder and Executive Director – Scarlet Hope

“Brian has been a fantastic coach!  He’s helped me navigate staffing issues, organizational direction and he’s worth every last penny!  If I were you I would hire him yesterday!”

Michael Crawford – Pastor – Freedom Church – Baltimore, MD

As I look back at my life there is no question that Brian Howard has been used to shape me and help me get to where I am today. I owe him my life. Brian saw things in me that I never saw in myself and gave me the most precious of gifts, faith in what God could do in and through me. If you want to move from where you are now to where you want to be he can definitely help you get there.


Josh McPherson – Wenatchee, Washington – Lead Pastor – Grace City Church

“Brian Howard is the real deal. Save yourself the time and the money sifting through all of the noise in the Leadership book section and hire him yesterday. In the complex world of leadership, his gifted ability to ask the right questions, listen intently, and draw on years of experience to bring solutions to the table is second to none. He’s a man of wisdom, integrity, knowledge, and experience with an uncanny ability to cut through the fat and get right to the bone of the issue. His sensitivity to the unique dynamics of any given situation make him one of my most valued consultants. If you want results, Brian is the man for the job.”


Michael Haning – Amarillo, TX – Entrepreneur, Owner of Multiple Businesses, CEO of Disco INC.

“Brian has helped me move the ball forward in every area of our businesses, and much quicker than I expected.  As someone who is juggling multiple businesses, it has been such a relief to have Brian coaching me.  For the first time in long while, I really feel like I have my head above water.  I would highly encourage anyone thinking executive coaching to move forward with Brian.”


Nick Nye – Lead Pastor
Veritas Church – Columbus, OH

“Asking the right question is a rare art that Brian Howard has mastered. Those key questions has fine tuned and developed my potential as a leader, giving me a God-centered plan for moving forward in my calling as a pastor.”


Michael Fleming  – Dallas, Texas

“For those who have faced paced and demanding jobs it is a necessity to take our foot off the gas pedal, get some perspective, and to be reminded that we are not the center of the universe.  Brian is a genius when it comes to maneuvering through complex issues and dramatically increasing your personal and organizational productivity.  But where his leadership in my life has been most dynamic is helping me to remember that life is short, our wives and kids trump our work, and that the gospel is to be personally delighted in, by me, every day.”


Matt Herron – Lead Pastor – Immanuel Baptist Church – Traverse City Michigan

“Brian consistently displays the unique ability to identify questions that I didn’t even know I need to ask. This ability, infused with his wisdom, experience and genuine care for me as a person, has resulted in a huge benefit to my life and my ministry. I am a better husband, father and pastor as a result of his coaching.”


Chad Clemons – Lead Pastor
Anthem Church – Gainesville, FL

“Coaching with Brian is one of the highlights of my month! I gain more perspective in discussion with him than with anyone else. My ability to prioritize steps for action has been the biggest difference maker.”


Samuel Zink  – DMD, MBA Dentist
Ideal Dentistry – Louisville, KY

Brian Howard adds value as a coach by helping me accomplish far more than I could on my own. He is a skilled listener who has an uncanny ability to distill the complexity of life’s demands into a focused action plan. Now I have clarity about the specific daily next actions and habits that accelerate my growth in health, marriage, parenting, and business. Brian keeps me accountable so I can achieve my dreams while remaining faithful to my priorities.”

JT Ayers – Mission Viejo, CA – Head Coach Trabuco High School Track and Field –  Executive Director –

“Brian is a leader’s leader. He has the ability to help you build your influence in a systematic, smart, business-like approach that will produce results instantaneously. I have greatly benefited from his coaching and friendship. You will too.”


John Starke – Editor – The Gospel Coalition  – Pastor – All Souls Church – Upper West Side – Manhattan

At first, I was doubtful that coaching would be that beneficial. But it didn’t take too long before my times with Brian were hugely helpful. After every coaching session, I walked away with more confidence. Brian brings decades of experience to coaching. With everything he says, he seems to have 20 examples of why one thing works over another. He helps you think through creating goals and strategy to accomplish those goals, all the while coaching you through each step. I’d recommend Brian Howard to any leader to grow vision casting and effectiveness.


Alex EnnesGateway Church – Cleveland, Ohio

I planted a church in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, and started a church planting network in Cleveland. When I left the urban jungle of downtown Cleveland to go start a church in the suburbs, I asked Brian to coach me. Why? I didn’t want someone who would just assume that I knew what I was doing because of my experience. I wanted someone who not only challenged me, but was for me as a pastor and a person. I finished one year of being coached by Brian and signed up for another year.


John Bruce – San Leandro, CA – Senior Pastor – Creekside Community Church

“Even though I’ve only been coached by Brian for a few months, I can already see myself growing in my abilities to better manage myself and to manage my staff.  Brian has the unique ability to clarify the complex and to make the theoretical concrete.  After 44 years of full-time ministry, I  wish I would have discovered Brian much earlier.  I could have been a far more effective leader.”


Dusty Thompson – Lubbock, TX – Lead Pastor – Redeemer Church

“Leading a church requires anything but a cookie cutter approach.  Church growth, staff dynamics, organizational structures, time management and many other issues push leaders to (and beyond!) their limits with regularity and I have found that my regular coaching conversations with Brian have been very helpful.  Brian is well trained as a coach and his extensive experience in a variety of church contexts brings insight into many of the things our church is working through right now.  Chances are that that no one in your church (or organization) has dealt with the kind of unique issues you face and having an experienced, well trained outside voice is invaluable.  Do it.”


Kade Wilcox – Lubbock Texas – Founder and CEO – Primitive Social

“A coach can wear several different hats – mentor, advisor, and consultant.  I have found Brian to be remarkable at skillfully identifying which hat to wear during our coaching appointments. He has a unique gift as a coach to walk with me as a leader for the different roles I play life. As an Executive Pastor and entrepreneur/business owner, I am continually faced with both challenges that need creative solutions as well as exciting potential possibilities.  Brian has been masterful in his ability to help me navigate each challenge or opportunity, helping me identify the right direction to take.  I have been impressed that he very rarely gives me a direct answer, but helps me uncover the solution or direction by asking the right questions at the right time.  As a young leader, working with Brian has been the best decision I have made.

Eric BancroftEric Bancroft– Indianapolis, IN – Senior Pastor – Castleview Baptist Church

“Being a senior pastor in today’s Western society is not without its contextualization challenges. While the foundation of my ministry is built on a bedrock of sound theology and a faithful philosophy of ministry, I have found myself, due to inexperience, with challenges or organizational questions that I am not sure of. Brian Howard has helped me to navigate those waters. With a wealth of experience from helping hundreds of churches, he has helped me, a first-time senior pastor, lead with more insight and confidence that I otherwise would have had this early on. My church and I are both thankful for Brian Howard.”

Freddy Wyatt Freddy Wyatt– Scottsdale, AZ- Senior Pastor – First Southern Baptist Church of Scottsdale

Brian’s coaching has helped bring organization and clarity to both my daily grind, my annual planning and my long term vision. His coaching has infused confidence into my ministry and has helped me invest my time in the right places. Brian’s clear and objective voice in the midst of my busy ministry schedule has helped me stay sharp and focused on the right things.

Every pastor needs a good coach and there isn’t anyone better than Brian Howard. I’ve benefited from Brian’s coaching while pastoring both in NYC and now in Scottsdale, AZ. His varied and lengthy experience is a wealth of wisdom to me as a pastor. Brian genuinely cares about those he coaches.